Alcatraz Seafoods Cioppino – 32 Oz.


Delicious! An amazing blend of garden fresh tomatoes, garlic, onions, coupled with a perfect blend of basil, oregano and other spices. Tastes just as good as homemade, without all the trouble! Just add fresh seafood!

Tip: Cioppino is messy… it’s eaten both with a spoon and with the fingers. Seafood taken out of their shells is put directly into the mouth and the shells discarded. Wear a bib! 

Shane recommends his recipe which is to add to two jars Cioppino : 1 cooked crab legs (crack it and throw it in  it’s shell is fine!), 1 lb. cooked picked *crab meat, 1 1b. uncooked *Rock Cod fillet chopped, 1 1b. each uncooked clams, mussels, *prawns & *scallops.

*Don’t forget to Add the Fishetarian Crab Meat, Rock Cod, Prawns & Scallop ingredients to you cart! We can ship all of those ingredients to you too!

Cioppino is really a Fisherman’s Wharf tradition, originating in San Francisco. The story of how Cioppino got its name is one of our favorites. A Fisherman’s Tale: “The origin of both the dish and the name came from the Italian fishermen in the early 1900’s. Someone would make the rounds of the moored fishing boats, calling out for for contributions to a common, festive stew. One fisherman would toss a nice, fat fish into the bucket, another would drop in a succulent Dungeness crab, another some herbs and vegetables. The cry that prompted each contribution was ‘Chip In!, Chip In!’ But coming from an Italian throat, this American slang had to end in a vowel. And the ‘in’ was, of course ‘een.’ So ‘Chip-een-o’ was born.”